About Blame Mame

BLOG CREATED: May 31st, 2011

If you have ever seen the Rita Hayworth film Gilda, than you know what 'Blame Mame' means. The phrase 'blame mame' is part of the musical number 'Put the Blame on Mame' Rita performs in the film. I have always liked the way it sounded and have used it for various things on the internet. When I decided to start this blog, it was the first thing I wanted to use as the name. If you are interested in learning more about the song the name comes from, please visit the Moving Pictures page of the blog.

Having been interested in Classic Hollywood for 10+ years it can be hard to recall where some things were collected. Content is collected from books, movies, and the web, if something is posted on the blog that you know of the origins, please use the email address below and credit will be given where it is due.

Please use the following email: blamemameblog [at] gmail.com

Please keep in mind that all graphics you see on this blog were created by me. If you would like to use anything you see, please use the below email to ask permission. 

I have collected many textures, actions, etc from around the web. Here are a few of those links...

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