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Welcome to the Filmography Project. You are probably asking yourself what exactly is this so called 'project.' Well you came to the right spot to have that question answered. You see, I like writing and researching with a theme. That is one reason why I enjoy doing Blogathons & LAMB Events. Well, when I couldn't find enough of those to keep me busy, I came up with this idea. Take a star, watch as many of their films as possible and write about them. On top of that, I will also research to learn more about that person and do post on things people may not know [i.e. Bette Davis being a singer]. I was going to set a certain time to have each star's spotlight finished, but that would probably be a time I would not be able to keep. So for the time being, I will just go with the flow. When I am done with one star, I will move onto the next.


JANE RUSSELL (1921-2011)

I first saw Jane Russell in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and have always been interested learning more about her other films. With 22 films under her belt as an actress between the 1943-1970, Jane enjoyed quite a long career. One thing I found interesting that I hadn't known before is that Jane wasn't just an actress who sang in her films, she actually had a singing career outside of Hollywood. I am writing a two part post about that here.

Jane was working as a secretary when she was discovered by Howard Hughes, who was on a nationwide search for an actress to star in one of his new pictures. After signing the young actress to a 7 year contract, he set out to make Jane a big star. His big idea was to shape her film career using, well, her shape. This is where I think Jane was underused. She had real talents as a comedic actress and singer, but was never really given the material to showcase her acting chops. I believe she is more respected as an actress and singer today than she was in her own time... which seems to be the case of many films/actors of that era.

Though The Outlaw (Jane's debut film) was filmed in 1941, because of Hughes' insistance on going against the Production code... she went almost her whole contract without a film being released. Throughout the time waiting, she was put through hundreds of photoshoots for publicity and even managed to start a singing career. At least three of her films had delayed releases which put Jane's career on hold.

And to top all of that off, the publicity campaigns for many of her films once again exploited her shape, rather than her talents.... not only in photos, but in the taglines such as "How'd you like to tussle with Russell??" [The Outlaw], "See Jane Russell in 3-D - She'll Knock BOTH Your Eyes Out!" [The French Line], "Jane Russell shakes her tambourines and drives Cornel Wild" [Hot Blood], and "The hottest bundle ever hijacked!" [The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown] . From what I have seen so far in her films, these were just empty promises meant to bring men into the theaters. These were just cheap tricks that have, to a degree, cheapend her films reputations. She was known as the lady with the scandelous films.

Below you will find Jane Russell's filmography as an actress. You will only find the motion pictures she starred in... not TV apperances or TV shows.


1943 The Outlaw
(Netflix Instant Play) 

1946 Young Widow

1948 The Paleface
(Netflix DVD)

1951 His Kind of Woman
(Own On DVD)

1951 Double Dynamite
(Own On DVD)

1952 The Las Vegas Story

1952 Macao
(Own On DVD)

1952 Son of Paleface
(Availble To Buy On DVD)

1952 Montana Belle

1953 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
(Own On DVD) || Review Coming Soon

1953 The French Line

1955 Underwater!
(Own On DVD)

1955 Foxfire
(Netflix Instant Play)

1955 The Tall Men
(Availble To Buy On DVD)

1955 Gentlemen Marry Brunettes

 1956 Hot Blood
(Own On DVD)

1956 The Revolt of Mamie Stover

1957 The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown

1966 Johnny Reno
(Netflix DVD)

1966 Waco
(Netflix Instant Play)

1967 The Born Losers
(Available for Instant Play/Purchase on Amazon)

1970 Darker Than Amber
(Available to Purchase Online)

And there you have it... the very first Filmography Project. Make sure to check back on this page to see updates. I used IMDB as a reference for the filmography.

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