Friday, August 26, 2011

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Just the other day I was thinking to myself how I wish Blogger had a feature similar to Facebook's 'Like' feature. It would be nice for those readers who want to give feedback, but may not have an actual comment to make. Well, while reading a few blogs on the blog roll (points to right side of blog) I read on Frankly, My Dear (who just added it to the blog) that the feature existed. Well if you look at the bottom of the posts, below the comments, you will see this new gadget. So if you like a post you have read here on Blame Mame, please click the 'Yes' link... I think the other options are self explanatory. Please remember if you have a comment to make, please continue to leave those as well!

I also wanted to point out that Blame Mame now has over 20 followers. I want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who visits the blog! Remember if you read the blog often, please click the link on the side bar or top bar to follow Blame Mame!

On Wednesday, August 31st... Blame Mame will be 3 months old! I can't believe the blog has been open for almost 3 months now. I was excited to join the Classic Movie Blog Association, but I just read they aren't accepting any new members until 2012.

Once again, thanks to everyone who takes their time to visit Blame Mame!

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  1. Congrats for your blog being 3 month old!

    Love it!! Please continue for more than just three other months, Craig - ok? ;")