Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reel Life | My Week With Marilyn (2011)

It was a few months ago, somewhere on the web, that I learned about the new almost bio-pic about Marilyn Monroe titled My Week With Marilyn. Immediately I knew I had to see this. As everyone knows this isn't the first time Marilyn has been the subject of a film, but this time the part was going to Michelle Williams, an actress that most wouldn't have pictured in the role. In the films I have seen Williams in, she fully embodied the character she was portraying in the film. This had me very interested to see her take on the famous star. Would it be another floozy sexified portrayal or would it be the first real role based on the actual woman behind the image.

The film was released on November 23rd, so I kept checking my local theaters to see when I could see the film. To my disappointment, it seemed as though it wasn't going to be released in New Orleans, or anywhere near here to be exact. But I didn't give up and kept checking the movie listing any how. Good thing I did because it came to a theater in the city just a few days after its release.

It was playing at the Theaters of Canal Place, which is a really high-end mall. I had heard many times how nice the theater was. This theater catered to the people with money. With  plush arm chairs and waiters to bring you anything you wanted to order, it seemed like it would be a really classy experience. I was NOT let down by the experience, I just shutter at the tole it has taken on my bank account. Matinee ticket... $10. Popcorn and soda... $11 (plus 17% gratuity automatically added). Parking... $15. Yes, to see My Week With Marilyn I spent $36. While I really enjoyed the film, I cant even remember the last time I went out to dinner with someone and the total bill was that much. I guess you learn... find cheaper parking and bring your own drinks/snacks.

The theater was gorgeous though. When you go to purchase a ticket, you must use the touch screen register that lets you pick your seat in advance. You then take your ticket to an usher who brings you to your very large spacious seat. There isn't a ton of seating in the auditorium... maybe 30-40 seats. You are then handed a really fancy menu with silverware (yes you can get actual food) and your order is taken. The screen was smaller than what I am normally used to, but it was so crisp and sharp. The movie looked beautiful... almost seemed like HD like a Blu-Ray.

Now that I have bored you with the details of this movie experience, you are probably asking yourself... where is the review? Well this post was just about the experience of seeing this film. I will write a review when I have more time.

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