Friday, November 11, 2011

Old Hollywood Headlines

I've seen similar post like this on other blogs and decided to do my own version of it. Weekly (hopefully), I will do a post titled "Old Hollywood Headlines". In these posts you find news about Old Hollywood, post I enjoyed reading on other blogs, and news about Blame Mame. So here it goes...


Blame Mame

001. As you can see, Blame Mame has a new look. I was tiring of the old layout and this is what I came up with. Featured in the picture to the left is my top favorite and top diva Bette Davis. I've always liked this picture of Bette, and this gave me a chance to use it.

002. In case you didn't get the hint from the banners within posts or the links to the left, Blame Mame is now on Facebook. So if you would like updates from Blame Mame to show up on yours Newsfeed... please head on over and 'Like' the Blame Mame Facebook page.

003. I have been watching quite a few films lately... especially the films of Alfred Hitchcock. I have 5 films that I need to still write reviews for, so keep an eye out for those. Films such as Mr and Mrs Smith (1941), Dial M For Murder (1954) and The Birds (1963) will be featured.


001. Dawn over at Noir and Chick Flicks enjoyed my review of 1962's The Notorious Landlady so much, she highlighted it on her The Week On N and CF post. Thanks!

002. Over on Facebook The Felix In Hollywood Tour Company has been highlighting Elisa Jordan's articles chronicling the time Marilyn Monroe was at Columbia Studios in the 1940's. Click here to read the first part and from there you can find the other parts of the series.

Reel Life

001. I've recently purchased a few films I am excited to finally get to see: Christmas In Connecticut (1945), The Red Shoes (1948), The Lady Eve (1941) and Suspicion (1941). Got them all for great prices at Barnes And Nobles. The Red Shoes and The Lady Eve I actually got for 50% because of The Criterion Collection sale they are holding now. In fact... I got The Red Shoes with a 25% coupon stacked on top of the sale price for a grand total of $13.50!

002. When I get paid next week... The Jean Harlow: 100th Anniversary Collection will be mine!

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Don't forget to keep reading below because I just posted a review on the 1951 film A Streetcar Named Desire!


  1. Your new look is really beautiful!

  2. I saw this update on the sidebar of Dawn's Chick Flick blog. I used to follow your blog (thought I still did and that you weren't updating). I am having huge problems with Blogger. There are at least a dozen blogs that I follow which have disappeard from my list...not sure why. Add to that, my own blogs are on my list (as if I follow my own blogs!!). Plus, I've had a few blogs I've never visited in my life show up on my dashboard. So, all that to say, I haven't been by here in a few weeks, as I just assumed you hadn't been writing since I wasn't getting notified of that.

    So, I'm back again. I love Bette too. She is definitely my #1 gal!! She was fabulous in everything she was ever in.

    It's great that you got all those new movies. The only one I've never seen is The Red Shoes. I totally adore Christmas in Connecticut.

    Anyhow, have a great weekend,

  3. Thanks so very much for the shout out -- and for your wonderful blog!

    Philip (The Felix In Hollywood Tour Company)