Thursday, September 29, 2011

Classic Hollywood: All Doll'd Up

After watching the film Sudden Fear (review coming soon), I decided to 'google' the film, as I usually do. It was then I came across a website full of repainted fashion dolls, made to look like some of my favorite Classic Hollywood stars. The works on this website ranged from Greta Garbo to Elizabeth Taylor. The work even extended beyond Old Hollywood featuring the likes of Cher and Bette Midler.

Joan Crawford in Sudden Fear || Notice the famous Crawford Mouth
The artist I am refering to is Joan Albuerne. He lives in the North of Spain and has combined his passions of painting, movies, and dolls to make these beautiful dolls in the likeness of some of the great stars featured on his website ( Juan started painting at the age of nine and today has many of his works in private collections around the world... even in the King of Spain's personal collection. He has also won many awards and been featured in quite a few publications. His takes dolls such as Charice, Alysa, Candi, Janay, Barbie, Midge, Kira, Lea, Kayla, Nichelle, Christie dolls and changes the features. Sometimes even modelling new noses, mouths, and eyes. His work is impeccable and extremely detailed.

Grace Kelly in Rear Window
After seeing these beautiful dolls, I looked up other custom repainted dolls and found some awesome things. It inspired me to share my finds in a little series here on Blame Mame called Classic Hollywood: All Doll'd Up. There are some stars who will get their own posts (like Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe), but we will start out with a few of my random favorites...

Lana Turner in The Postman Always Rings Twice || Complete with cigarette and case
Rita Hayworth in Gilda
Cyd Charisse in Singin' In The Rain

Keep an eye out for more in the future by Juan and other artist...


  1. I love looking at dolls inspired by classic film stars- the Rita Hayworth one in particular is my favorite.

  2. Love these! My sister worked for Mattel in the late 90's and would occasionally bring home these kind of gems (one I recall was Glenn Close as Cruella deVil in "101 Dalmations"). To her chagrin, it wasn't until she left the company that they decided to honor her favorite film, "The Birds," by producing a Tippi Hedrin doll -- complete with green suit and attacking crows.