Friday, September 2, 2011

Film | Victor Victoria

After watching Chris Colfer's character Kurt on Glee sing 'Le Jazz Hot' during the 'Duets' episode of Season 2, I instantly looked up the original song. To my surprise it was Julie Andrews in the 1982 film Victor/Victoria. I had to see this picture! A women dressed as a man pretending to be a women to find success? Sounds good enough for me! I searched for the DVD at local stores with no luck, and finally decided to add it to my Netflix queue. I usually buy any Classic Hollywood movies I want to see on DVD because it's what I collect (whether it's good or not). Once the DVD arrived, I couldn't wait to watch it!

I know this film is from the 80's and doesn't quite fall into the 20-60's theme of this blog, but Julie Andrews is a classic actress... so I'll stretch the limits for this one. I still find it hard to believe Andrews was almost 50 when she made this film. While watching this film, it seemed to be from the 1960's instead of the 1980's. The way it looked and sounded, reminded me of the classic musical of the Golden Age.

While I enjoyed all of the musical numbers throughout the film, none of them could top 'Le Jazz Hot.' Maybe that is because I watched the number on YouTube about a 100 times and had it all memorized. The costumes, the dancing, Julie's voice and let's not forget that last note of the song where Julie goes from her bottom register to the top. Even if the rest of the film were uninteresting, this number just made the movie.

All of the actors, from James Garner to Lesley Ann Warren to Robert Preston, put in great performances. I simply loved this film and will definitely seek it out on DVD.

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