Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reel Life | DVD Shopping

I was out on one of my usual [I do have a problem with buying too many movies] DVD purchasing adventures at Barnes and Noble, when I came across a DVD set I didn't even know existed... The Lucille Ball Film Collection. Well I did know it existed, but had forgotten about it. Back when I had seen it before, I didn't have the interest in Lucille Ball's films. After taking part in the Loving Lucy Blogathon in August, I had renewed interest in the funny lady's filmography. With all the talk of her films, I needed to see them!

I was happy to see all the films I wanted to see were in this set: The Big Street, Dance Girl Dance, Du Barry Was A Lady, and Mame. And as an added bonus, there is Critic's Choice with Bob Hope, a film I hadn't heard about. I really look forward to watching all of these. I was a little angry to find Amazon.com had the same set listed for $20 less than I paid in the store, but sometimes I like the satisfaction of having it with me when I get home.

Another DVD I was excited to find that I hadn't seen there before was Barbara Stanwyck's The Lady Eve. That excitement was short lived when I seen the $39.99 price tag. Why was it so much? It was apart of The Criterion Collection. I have never bought a film from this set, so I am a little confused as to why it would cost that much. There was even a copy of Charade listed at that same price and that is a film in 'public domain.'

I wish there were more places in New Orleans to find classic films that were better priced than Barnes and Noble. Every so often, I will find a random classic film at Target or Wal-Mart, but those times are too far in between. I know I can go online, but it just isn't the same as holding the movie in your hand... looking at it, then bringing it home. You have to wait a few days to a week and hope it didn't get damaged in route to your house.

Before last night I hadn't noticed ,but for those who do not browse well enough... you may spend more than you need to. I found quite a few films priced in the $20-30 range that are also available in a set (usually with 3-5 other films) for only a few dollars more. Now I am just rambling, but I just found some of the prices I seen on some films to be crazy. I noticed the Rita Hayworth Collection went UP $15 and It Happend One Night went up $6. And why? I guess that's retail for you though.

Anyways... I am done now. Thanks.

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  1. First of all, I must tell you, I don't think you have a problem with buying too many movies. Is it ever possible to have too many?! No way!

    I try to buy movies from Barnes & Noble twice a year...I think it's January and July (maybe June), though I didn't buy anything this summer. That's when they have their buy 2/get 1 free. Rather than buy single movies, that's when I buy the collections. Last year I got 2 Bette Davis Collections and the Ronald Reagan collection, and since they're all over $50, it's worth it to do that then. Adding in the B&N membership, I got even more off. That's the only time I buy movies there, though, as otherwise, they're too expensive.

    I almost always will price something on Amazon, but, like you, I think it's nice to have it right away, plus not to have to pay shipping.

    Anyhow, go ahead, keep buying movies. My movie collection is growing too (usually by recording from TCM).