Monday, September 19, 2011

Film | The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown (1957)

 As a part of the Filmography Project, I am have been diving into the films of Jane Russell. I missed this film a few years ago when I still had cable when they had the Jane Russell day on Summer Under The Stars... I believe that was back in 2008. I was glad to see it as an Instant Play on Netflix.

The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown would be the last film Jane Russell produced with her production company, Russ-Field Productions, and after its flop at the box office would be the last film she made in Hollywood for quite a few years. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Sylvia Tate.

The film is about Laurel Stevens, a top movie actress, who is on her way to the premiere of her newest film, The Kidnapped Bride, when she is kidnapped from her front porch. Believing this to be a publicity stunt set up by her studio, she doesn't realize she is actually being kidnapped until she is hit by the masked men. They bring her to their hide out and reveal she is being held ransom. The kidnappers turn out to be nice guys who just need some money and she winds up falling for one of them.

The film was a great watch, but but it seemed to be missing something. Her original vision was for the film to be a suspense drama, while her director saw it as a Technicolor comedy. Maybe if one of them had stuck to their guns, the film would have turned out better. What we got was a watered down mash-up of their initial ideas. A black and white film with very little comedy, very little suspense, and very little drama. On top of that, there isn't even a 'fuzzy pink nightgown', but there is a blonde wig donning Jane Russell trying her best to make this an enjoyable film to watch.

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