Monday, December 26, 2011

Put the blame on mame...

... and the holidays for my lack of updates. I work retail and the last couple of weeks have been so hectic! I have had many things planned, but couldnt get around to putting them together. Now that the holiday shopping season is over with, I will be updating with some new posts soon!

I do want to apologize to Backlots and Forever Classics for missing out on their wonderful blogathons. I really wanted to take part, but I just didn't have the time. Make sure you check out the Dueling Divas and Humphrey Bogart blogathons to read the other contributions!

I have been able to squeeze in some Classic Hollywood things into my life recently though! I have purchased or received the following: Rita Hayworth Film Collection ['You Excite Me' from Tonight and Every Night is awesome!], 'Marilyn Monroe: Metamorphosis', 'The Marilyn Monroe Treasures', and 'Judy: A Legendary Film Career'! The Judy book was a gift, but the other items I got for great prices! All three for $80! The Rita Hayworth Film Collection sells for $65 regular price by itself! I also was able to catch It's A Wonderful Life at the local theater! What a great film! I cried at least 4 times during it!

Well that is all for now... everyone have a great holiday!

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