Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Alfred Hitchcock 30-50% off? Yes please!

I really need to stay out of Barnes and Noble when they have things on sale. I was on my way home and was probably two blocks away from Barnes and Noble when I got an email from them talking about their great after holiday sales. Without hesitation I pulled in there and my wallet let out a little cry. 

I was in and the first thing I see is the book 'Marilyn Monroe: Intimate Exposures' by Bernard of Hollywood for 50% off. [Wound up getting it for $15.75, regular $35] Grabbed it without hesitation. I knew that this was going to be a great trip. I then headed up to my usual spot upstairs in the DVD section. Things only got better!

I am just browsing to see if they had anything new on sale and bam! Alfred Hitchcock on sale! Got the Limited Edition Alfred Hitchcock Essential Collection that I had been wanting, but didn't want to spend the $59.99 for it. The set includes Rear Window, Vertigo, North By Northwest, Psycho, and The Birds... and get this, it was only $31.49! Than I look to the left and there is one of those cheapie box sets with lesser known moves that usually sells for $9.99 that I got for $4.49. $4.49 for 20 of Hitchcock's films?! Yes sir! And finally I ran across Dial M For Murder for only $10! 

Some people need to drink or do drugs to get a high... all I need is to is walk out of that store with a bag full of Classic Hollywood goodies and I am one happy camper. As if all of the other stuff wasn't good enough, I ran across the book Lucille Ball Treasures and picked it up for $11.24!

Another great trip! $150 in merchandise for $75! Merry Christmas to me!

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