Friday, December 9, 2011

Old Hollywood Headlines #3

Here Marlene and I are again with another addition of Old Hollywood Headlines! If you have seen an article or have a post you would like me to include in Old Hollywood Headlines, feel free to email me at blamemameblog[at]

Blame Mame

001. Earlier this week, Blame Mame did its first interactive post when the 'Guess the Starlet' game was introduced on the blog and on the Blame Mame Facebook page. Being new to the Classic Film Blog Community, I'm never too sure if anyone is interested in what I have to say, so I was really excited to see that 7 people took a guess at the mystery lady! I can't wait for the next little game!


001. Ever wonder what makes a film a 'classic'? Is it content, is it the stars or is it just because it was made during a certain time period? Classic Film and TV Cafe explore this topic with their first annual Classic Film Survey.

002. Rianna over at Frankly, My Dear talks about how Hollywood jumped in to the  war effort after the bombing of Pearl Harbor... everyone from Bette Davis to Clark Gable did their share! Read about it here.

003. The Silver Screen Affair added to my need to see the Katharine Hepburn film Alice Adams, with their delightful review of the film.

004. Did you know Judy Garland and Marlene Dietrich were good friends? Well I didn't, but thanks to Backlots new post Judy on Marlene... I have learned something I hadn't known before!

005. Mandy over at Time Machine To The Twenties did an article on the superstitions on some of Classic Hollywood's biggest stars... Bette Davis and Mae West didn't like whistling in their dressing room. Who knew?

Reel Life

001. I do have my laptop back now and more free time than before, so I hope to start writing more on Blame Mame. Many of my posts have been film reviews, but I plan on getting back into writing my original articles (such as Jane Russell Sings! and Bette Davis: The Singer) and diving more into the people behind the magic of Hollywood (such as Kay Thompson). Remember to keep up-to-date with Blame Mame, like us on Facebook or follow the blog on Blogger... that way we show up on your Feeds!

002. If you have been keeping up with the blog, you can tell I have been writing quite a bit about the blonde bombshells of old Hollywood, and it doesn't look like that is going to stop anytime soon! Today I finally ordered my Jean Harlow: 100th Anniversary Collection DVD box set! I had been waiting to get a good membership coupon from Barnes and Noble to buy it and today I got a 25% off savings! Im pretty sure there will be a bigger coupon before Christmas, but I couldn't wait anymore! I got the set for only $39 with free shipping, but it wont be shipping until December 29th. I can't wait for it to come... Jean Harlow film fest anyone?

003. I also need to get back on track with the forgotten Filmography Project. I still have many Jane Russell films to see! If you don't know what I am talking about... check it out here.


  1. Thanks for including my article, Craig! And by the way, I've really been enjoying these Old Hollywood Headlines.

  2. Great deal on the box set - I am sure you are glad you waited so you saved a few buckaroos.