Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Today while browsing the web, I came across three more Blogathons! I am always up for posting with a theme, so Blame Mame is going to take part in the following...

Name: World In Film
Theme: Classic Movies Around The World
Date: September 9-12th
Hosted by The Great Movie Project

Name: Juxtaposition 
Theme: The Women ('39) vs The Women ('08)
Date: September 12-16th
Hosted by Pussy Goes Grrr

Name: Darling Deborah
Date: September 30th
Hosted by Waitin' On A Sunny Day

And on top of those, we still have the Fashion In Film and Carole-tennial(+3) Blogathons lined up.If anyone knows of any other Blogathons [especially Classic Film related] that are coming up, please comment.

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