Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Love Lucy | #37 "The Handcuffs"

I have always 'loved Lucy', but after True Classics Loving Lucy Blogathon, it reminded me how much I love I Love Lucy. Yes, I realize the term 'love' was just used way too much. 

I grew up watching I Love Lucy, but most of those times were when I was a child. As an adult, I have only watched all of Season 1. I was happy to find Season 2 of I Love Lucy at Target for $12.99. My wife and I sat down last night and watched the first disc. I don't think I have laughed that hard in quite some time. The funny thing is that it didn't have to be crude, rude, or gross to make me laugh. I was inspired to start a new series on Blame Mame to highlight my favorite episodes of I Love Lucy.

So here it goes...

"The Handcuffs" [Episode #37]

Original Date Aired: October 6th, 1952

Guest Stars: Will Wright (Mr. Walters, locksmith); Veola Vonn (Interviewer); Paul Dubov (Jerry, Ricky's agent) 

Plot: Lucy wants to spend a little time with Ricky, but he always seems to be working. She gets the idea of trapping him with handcuffs every Monday night to make sure he doesn't go anywhere after Fred displays his magic act. Not realizing she takes Fred's Civil War handcuffs and not his 'magic' ones, she and Ricky are stuck together. They find a locksmith, but he couldn't make it until morning. This forces the couple to have a hilarious adventure trying to go to bed, but this isn't the best part... Ricky has to make an appearance on television the next day! Long story short, Lucy must go on stage with Ricky and all I can say is the result is hilarious.

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  1. I definitely remember this episode. Classic! And I totally agree with you about ILL being so enjoyable (and timeless) because it doesn't rely on cheap tricks like offensive or crude humor to get laughs.