Friday, August 19, 2011

Reel Life | Too Darn Hot

I finally made it to get my hair cut today and while I was there I had a Classic Hollywood moment. It has been ridiculously hot here in New Orleans. With the heat and humidity I am always in the mood for a cold shower. 

Well, while I was getting my hair cut, Ms. Carol (the nice lady who does my hair) wiped her forehead and said in a breathy voice "It's just too darn hot!" The first thing that came into my mind is Ann Miller's number from Kiss Me Kate, "Too Darn Hot." I love this song and was actually just singing it yesterday. 

From there my mind went into singing "Heat Wave", the Marilyn Monroe song from There's No Business Like Show Business. I was just having a heat induced party in my mind. That tends to happen as I get my hair cut because I tone out what everyone in the shop is talking about because I usually am not interested in their small talk. This was another one of those pointless post, but I felt like sharing.

Here are the videos I was watching in my mind...


  1. Well, it's okay if YOU daydream while getting your hair cut...let's just hope the hair sylist keeps HER mind on what she's doing. If not, it could be a disaster.

    Anyhow, I saw you mentioned on Noir and Chick Flicks, so I wanted to stop by and introduce myself. But you beat me to it by stopping by my blog first.

    Welcome to the world of classic movie blogging!! I look foward to reading more. (Is it possible to EVER follow too many classic movie blogs?)

    Have a great weekend,

  2. I just discovered your blog and I must say that I fell in love almost immediately! Everything from your gorgeous header to your wonderful posts is just perfect! :D So, as a sort of welcome from me to the classic film blogging world, I just nominated you for a blog award :)

  3. I enjoyed watching the wonderful clips.. I thought I would run over this morning to see what you had new, and to also let you know.. I changed my profile picture from pink slippers to a picture of a Noir, Betty Boop.

  4. Thanks for the warm welcomes to the Classic Hollywood 'blogging community', I am so glad you guys are enjoying the blog.

  5. I love how random everyday events lead to old movies.

  6. After hearing this song and the great upbeat tune, literally every time I get hot, either in my head or out loud, I began to sing the chorus!!