Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Actors | Stars To Watch

I was sitting on my recliner the other day looking at videos on YouTube of some of my favorite classic stars, when it struck me that I haven't seen many films of the stars I consider 'favorites.' As I thought about it more, two of the video clips ['Shimmy Like My Sister Kate" and "Too Darn Hot"] I look at often are from films I have never seen!

I decided to make a list of stars who's films I would like to become more accustom. That is what this post is all about. The star's, the films I have seen, and the films I want to see most. 

I also added a few stars who's films I have never seen. These are stars I see in post around the blog-o-sphere and run across their films at the stores often. Stars that others have created blogs/websites dedicated to, but I have yet to enjoy myself.

These are the stars that are at the top of my list of filmographies to explore...

I've seen On The Town & Easter Parade
I would like to see Kiss Me Kate

Everytime Ann comes on the screen, tap dancing with a smile that goes from cheek to cheek, I can't help but want to see more. The way she effortlessly moves and the way she looks into the camera really makes you feel like she is looking right at you, wanting you to have just as much fun as she is having on screen.

Cyd Charisse
I've seen The Band Wagon & East Side, West Side
I would like to see Silk Stockings, Party Girl, & Brigadoon

This is another star who captivates me with their dancing whenever I seen them on screen. The 'Girl Hunt' number in The Band Wagon is in my top three classic film scenes of all time. The way she dances is just elegant. I have watched some of her other dance scenes on the internet and I am definitely want to see more.

Betty Grable
I've Seen How To Marry A Millionaire
I would like to see Pin-Up Girl & How To Be Very Very Popular

The scene from Wabash Ave where Grable sings 'Shimmy Like My Sister Kate' is another of my favorite videos to watch over and over, but I have never seen that film. Betty Grable was known for having the best gams in the business and from what I have heard a beautiful voice... what more could you ask for?

Ava Gardner
I've seen East Side, West Side
I would like to see The Killers & Mogambo

Jimmie Stewart
I've seen Wife vs Secretary, The Philadelphia Story, & Ziegfeld Girl
I would like to see Rear Window & Vertigo

Lauren Bacall
I've seen How To Marry A Millionaire
I would like to see To Have And Have Not & Key Largo

Joan Blondell
I've seen Three On A Match & The Public Enemy
I would like to see Blonde Crazy & Night Nurse

FYI... just realized she was in Grease.

Natalie Wood
I've seen Imitation of Life
I would like to see West Side Story

The next two are stars who's films I have never seen, but I definitely want to...

James Dean
I would like to see Giant, Rebel Without A Cause, & East of Eden

Carole Lombard
I would like to see To Be or Not To Be & My Man Godfrey

I look forward to learning more about this funny lady in the upcoming Carole-tennial blogathon!

If there are any big fans of these stars that would like to leave suggestions on films to check out... please leave me a comment!


  1. As a Natalie fan, I really recommend "This Property is Condemned" (1966) with Robert Redford. It's not everyone's cup of tea and it didn't do so well at the box office, but I, for one, really enjoyed myself. Besides WSS, "Rebel Without a Cause" and "Splendor in the Grass" are considered among her best performances and they are great films.

  2. Baby, get going with Rear Window and Vertigo. NOW!
    Seriously, I've got a list like that myself a mile long. Fun post!

  3. Clara of Via Margutta 51 recently did a guest post about Ava Gardner films for my "Box Set Monday" series which I recommend checking out to see which Ava films you should watch (link: http://sophie-waitinonasunnyday.blogspot.com/2011/08/box-set-monday-7-ava-gardner-special.html)! As well as the film's Clara chose for her post, I also recommend On the Beach.

    Definitely check out Splendour in the Grass for Natalie. I'm not the biggest Natalie fan, but she is really terrific in it. Also, Inside Daisy Clover is a really great film.

    For Joan Blondell: Adventure, Gold Diggers of 1933, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Night Nurse.

    As well as MMG and TBONTB, I suggest checking out True Confession, Twentieth Century, Nothing Sacred, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, No Man of Her Own, and, as a tie in with James Stewart, Made For Each Other.

    Woaaah, this turned out much longer than I meant it to be - sorry! Such a great idea for a post though, there are many stars I want to watch more films of but it's so hard to get started!